Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Painting Victorian Police

Range: Artizan Designs - Thriling Tales, Long Arm of the Law

Ello, ello, ello! What do we 'ave 'ere then?

I'm really please to be involved in Project Cornelius. Helping with play testing and artwork, and also my favourite part, figure painting. We are fortunate to have several excellent miniature companies supporting the project and allowing us to feature their models. Which leads me onto my first article. I painted these brilliant Victorian Bobbies for a Cornelius display at Nottingham Comic Con last October.

I enjoyed painting these chaps immensely and what follows is a step by step breakdown of how I went about doing so.

Step 1
Starting from a black undercoat, I painted in the flesh areas with Vallejo Heavy Sienna. This gives a good base and helps to shade the face later on.

Step 2
Paint on the flesh areas with Vallejo Heavy Skintone leaving the previous coat of Sienna to show in the recesses between the fingers, around the eyes and around the edge of the face.

Step 3
Paint a thinned coat of Heavy Charcoal in and around the eye sockets. To shade and help the eyes standout from under the brim of the helmet.

Step 4
Wash the areas of flesh with GW Reikland Flesh shade to bring all the base shades together.

Step 5
When the wash is dry, Paint the pupils of the eyes in white and a dot of black for the retina. Use more Heavy Charcoal to tidy up around the shape of the eye.

Step 6
Highlight the face and hands Heavy Skintone. Add further highlights by adding small amounts of Heavy orange and white to the Heavy Skintone. You my want to add in a little red to make the officers cheeks ruddy.

Step 7
Next paint the hair and facial hair a colour of your choice and paint in the helmet strap and belt in Vallejo Leather Brown, highlighted with English Uniform Brown.
Edge highlight the leather areas by adding dark sand to the English Uniform.

Step 8
Using thinned layers of GW Mordian Blue (now Macragge Blue) build up colour on the uniform. We don't want it to be too blue though, so concentrate building up colour on areas that would be highlighted, top of arms, hemet, creases in the trousers, pockets etc.

Step 9
Add a further highlight to any raised edges on the uniform using thinned Vallejo Heavy Blue.

Step 10
Paint the helmet badge in GW Leadbelcher then wash with GW Nuln oil. Paint the buttons using GW Ironbreaker.

Step 11
Pistols are painted black and highlighted with Black Grey and further highlighted with Neutral Grey.

Give the figures and good coating with a matt varnish of your choice and base them up to your preference. Mike used green stuff to sculpt in a paving slab surface on these figures.

Your Bobbies are now ready to clean up the foggy streets of old London town!